Evansville Arena Photos

Evansville Arena Construction

I haven’t had an opportunity to get down and take any pictures of the Evansville Arena yet, but someone has uploaded 8 images of the construction from January.  It’s amazing how fast these people really work and the undertaking that must be done to build such a structure.  Whether you disagree with the development or not, it’s truly a sight to behold.

Below are photos of construction of the Evansville Arena from January.  These photos were uploaded to the Picasa web album by a user named evansvillearena.  There are some other great photos of the blue prints for the new downtown Arena, along with before images of what the location looked like before the bulldozers moved in.

Healthier Holiday World Food

Holiday World FoodWhat comes to mind when you hear strawberry feta cheese sunflower seed salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing? Is it a healthy food option at a nice restaurant? I bet the first thing that came to mind wasn’t theme park food! I was as surprised as you probably are to hear this new addition to Holiday World’s food menu.

When you think about it, theme park food is part of the whole experience. We want a day of fun and out of the ordinary experiences which include burgers, ice cream, cotton candy, fudge, french fries and corn dogs.  Stereotypically similar to really bad for you fast food or even closer to carnival food. So when I stumbled upon the new food options on their website I did a double take and smiled with delight at the new additions. Besides the new salad were other options such as black bean chipotle veggie burger, pasta salad, baked pasta, five new soups and a no sugar added butter pecan ice cream. An added benefit is the ability to purchase many of these healthier foods in multiple restaurants within Holiday World and also in Splashin’ Safari.

Oh there are also other new items to the menu for those believing that calories don’t count while on vacation. Funnel cake fries, fried brownie bites, apple stuffed bosco breadsticks and churros have been added to the menu to tempt us all. Don’t get me wrong. I am pumped for more variety and will probably by the end of the summer have tried them all (just typing fried brownie bites makes my mouth water). For me, a frequent (weekly) Holiday World visitor, the addition of healthy food options helps me balance out the fun food intake without wrecking my diet.

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Jaguar Mommy and Babies At Mesker Zoo

This video of the mommy and baby Jaguar’s is from March 5th 2010, filmed at Mesker Zoo in Evansville, IN.  The video does a good job of showing just how close patrons can get to the animals and the ingenuity put into the design of the Jaguar cage.

Complete with concrete foot prints and glass cage, it’s truly an experience for adults and kids.  I’d also like to mention that it’s best to visit the Zoo as early in the morning as possible, it seems that this is the most active time for the animals.  On this particular day the Jaguar was even more active, since it was the first warm sunny day of the year.

Enjoy the Mesker Zoo Jaguar video below:

Video Of Cold Geese At Garvin Park

Spent my lunch break walking around Garvin Park yesterday.  I’ll head over there on a regular basis to eat my lunch in peace in my truck, but yesterday I wanted to get some video of the ducks and geese walking on ice.  I also shot some footage of kids that instructed me that they were the only ones that fed the hungry animals, so it was their job to take care of them.

Without question, I know the cold animals appreciated the fresh bread.

I hope that I can film more events and locations in Evansville, as time allows. If you have any recommendations or things you would like to see, please let me know.