Vectren Summer Cycler Program Explained

Vectren Summer Cycler ProgramVectren, in an attempt to help lower peoples electric bills and save on resources, has inacted the Vectren Summer Cycler Program.  The short explanation is that Vectren will remotely shut off your air conditioning unit during peak times, to conserve energy.  Although just recently the program has failed, due to demand, below is an explanation of the program to help you decide if it’s right for you.

The Perks

First off and probably most important, the program is designed to save you money every month.  Not only will you receive a discount from Vectren for enrolling, you will also save money from the lower use of power running your A/C.

Remote Turn Off

When you sign up for the Vectren Summer Cycler, a local heating and air company will come out and install a device on your air conditioner.  This device will be remotely controlled by Vectren and shut power off to the A/C for 12-13 minutes every half hour during the peak hours of the day.

The Downside

In the really hot summer months, 12-13 minutes of no A/C can make a big difference in the temperature of your house.  Newer well insulated homes might not tell a difference, but older homes without proper insulation can heat up very quickly.  In only a matter of minutes the temperature in your house can raise from 75 to 90 degrees.

Although the program is aimed at saving on utility bills, many individuals feel that it’s just another way for Vectren to control their own expenses.  Vectren claims that there are 20-30 thousand homes that already participate in the Summer Cycler program and as many as 30 people sign up everyday to have the remote switch installed.

Personal Experience

I participate in the Vectren Summer Cycler with no ill effects.  People against the program claim that it’s like Vectren controlling your thermostat, but my house always remains the temperature I set it at, which is a cool 72-73 degrees.  I’ve never noticed my A/C not kicking on when I want it to, but my unit is newer and my house is well insulated.

The total savings I receive every month from Vectren, not including actual energy savings, is a credit for $5.00.  It may not seem like much, but the actual energy consumption being lowered and credit over the summer adds up.  Of course as soon as my family starts being uncomfortable, I will be discontinuing use.

What’s your experience in Evansville for the Vectren Summer Cycler Program?  Does anyone have any reviews to share?

Harper’s Transmission Review

Harper Transmission RepairRecently my 2004 F150 decided to quit shifting into Park, so after a few weeks of getting fed up with the Parking Brake and starting in Neutral, I took it to Harper’s Transmission.  The shop, located on the east side of Evansville on 3601 Maxwell, specializes in transmission and general mechanic work.  After having the work done on my vehicle, I can attest to the quality of their service.

Customer Service

From the first phone call I placed to bring in my vehicle, till I paid my bill and walked out the door, I was treated great.  When I first called I asked to speak with a mechanic, which they allowed without question, whom offered advice as best as he could without seeing the vehicle.

The next day I brought my vehicle in, was greeted warmly by the receptionist.  Also standing guard was I guess the shop dog, what appeared to be an old Labrador, which was just dieing for a little bit of attention.  Before I left I asked to speak with the mechanic again, just to make sure I wouldn’t be having the same problem down the road.  He came into the lobby, showed me the part and explained what work was done.  Above and beyond what could be expected from any repair shop.


Admittedly they were busy when I dropped my truck off last Thursday.  However, they assured me that they would try their best to get to my vehicle that day and if parts need to be ordered have them ready to be installed on Friday.  As promised they called me later that afternoon, explained the cost, and then ordered the parts.

Friday at 10:00 AM they were calling my cell phone letting me know the repairs had been completed.  Color me impressed!  Diagnosed, parts ordered, parts installed, all within 24 hours!


The good folks at Harper’s Transmission assured me that practically whatever work needed to be done they could take care of.  Furthermore, even being a dealer only part, they could get anything fast.  Well, they lived up to what they promised and then some.  I’d recommend anyone get their vehicles serviced at Harper’s Transmission.  I was very satisfied with all aspects of the transaction and I know my truck appreciates it.  Another local Evansville business worth mentioning.

Find Harper’s Transmission on Google Maps.

Evansville Otters Looking For OnField MC

I’m not going to lie, I would absolutely love to contribute and be a part of the Evansville Otters, especially in such an outgoing way.  However, time constraints would prohibit me from applying for such a position.  Perhaps my need to partake of adult beverages at Otter games might as well. 😉

You can find the latest available job openings for the 2010 Otter Baseball Season clicking here.  Other than the MC position, there are also positions available for Press Box Matrix Board Worker and bat boys, which is only available to 13-16 year olds.

To submit your application or for Otter employment questions please contact:

Brandon McClish @ 812-435-8686 or by email at

Don’t forget, opening day 2010 will be May 21st, which will also be Fifth Third promotional night.

Price Around At The Same Best Buy

I’m a child of the internet, but even so I still haven’t came to terms with buying large purchases online.  Rather, I can’t stomach buying hardly anything online, no matter the price.  Some of the problem is that I’m an immediate gratification kind of person, when I buy it, I want it now, now after a few days shipping.  Also, I just don’t like the idea of my info floating around and not in the intertubes, but rather to whoever Joe Blow happens to be looking at the order database.

Because of my fears I always price items online and then try to buy them locally.  This usually ends with me paying a little bit more from the store, but a convenience I’m willing to pay for.  My latest purchase has taught me to be even more diligent in my research when buying from a big chain store.

From my postings you can see that I purchased a new Flip Ultra HD camcorder.  I think it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread, especially since you can purchase one online for as little as $150 from Amazon.  So, for reasons stated above I looked at the prices on  Pricing was within $10, something I could live with, so I took off to the Best Buy on the east side of Evansville.

At Best Buy I noticed that the Flip video cameras were vastly higher than they were online.  Consider that the same camera online was priced $40 cheaper and no indication of a sale price.  Furthermore, there was an open box model that sold for still more than a brand new item at!

I’m not against brick ‘n mortar locations making money and paying for a convenience.  I just don’t think they should be taking advantage of people trusting they will get the best price, especially when it’s advertised for much lower online from the same company.

The Best Buy employee was happy to match the online price from, but not from  The stores policy is to only honor pricing online when the company has a local presence.  Meaning, they would match a price, but not a price.  So keep this in mind if you are out buying pricey new toys, check online first and don’t trust ‘On Sale’ pricing at the store.

Why Is Downtown A Bad Word?

Why do you think downtown, in regards to Evansville, is such a bad word?  Anyone you talk to has an opinion and generally it creates a heated discussion on what can, should, and shouldn’t be done.  This type of argument generally doesn’t happen in comparative sized cities, so what gives?

Is it possible that downtown Evansville has been created without the consent of those that matters, the residents of Evansville?  Consider that some projects downtown have faced tough opposition, no matter the out come for as long as I can remember.  Casino Aztar was the first big change that happened downtown in my life time, at least that had any significance.  In 1995 it was met with lots of promises, a fixed budget, and controversy through it’s first year.  Most notably it failed to hire the promised 90% of employees from Vanderburgh County.

Events have become a topic amongst those arguing over downtown as well, specifically over pricing.  Thunder On The Ohio is an annual even that continues to plummet in popularity and face scrutiny by residents.  The 2009 Freedom Festival was no exception and faced opposition from loyal visitors every year, claiming the event was turning into a money grab.  At $20 per person to get in it’s easy to see why.

Compare the Evansville Freedom Festival to similar events in our Tri-State area like the Owensboro BBQ Fest, Blue Grass in The Park in Henderson, it just doesn’t add up…at least for paying residents.  Why can’t we make our events work for the community, instead of be a money making endeavor?  If we’re going to run it as a cash cow why not just privatize the entire area, much like Louisville has with Fourth Street Live?

Personally I’m sick and tired of watching all the tax payer dollars to go research firms that yield no results.  How about we stop starting projects where we aren’t able to financially support them to completion.  Lastly, can we just slow down and not rush through agendas before the end of our term, I’m looking at you Mayor.  I’m fed up with a very select few not listening to their constituents and making sweeping changes that will force tax payer money to another failing downtown change.

Instead, lets start listening to other cities that have had wild success with creating a downtown where people want to go.  That is unless revitalizing doesn’t mean what I think it does and instead our city leaders are more focused on putting money in their own pockets and padding those of their friends.

Downtown Evansville