Roberts Stadium Evansville

I’m getting really tired of the old people in Evansville stealing away my future and my kids future.  The decisions and road blocks that they are throwing up to keep Evansville from growing keeps getting worse and the largest example is Roberts Stadium.  For some reason the elderly would rather set back and keep throwing wads of cash at the renovation of a failed stadium design than start over and start bringing in some real entertainment revenue.

As it stands now we struggle to get any big name bands or events to come to Evansville due to our lackluster attempt at a stadium.  We have plenty of hotels and now with the Executive Inn in Owensoboro closed we’ll be even busier, if we can take care of those that do decide to come around.  It doesn’t take an Advisory Board to tell you that we are gonna piss off more people if we can supply them with what they need, like a safe stadium with up to date rafters at the very least.

Lastly, it looks like our only option for a new Stadium will be one that will only hold a few thousand more people.  Come on, we need one A LOT bigger to draw in any kind of crowds and give Evansville’s economy a much needed boost.  Also, please don’t think that by placing this thing down town you’ll solve Evansville’s River Front problem, that’s the last thing we need.  Please use the location where Robert’s Stadium is at, tear down, rebuild, and remember the drainage problems in advance this time please.

And yes, I’m kicking myself for not attending the open meetings on this, but I’ll be there next time.

Aztar Evansville

Does anyone go to Casino Aztar anymore, at least people from Evansville?  It’s such a run down second rate casino that I’m surprised they can continue to keep the doors open.  Already they’ve pulled every trick they know to bring River Boat Gambling to Evansville, IN but they fail at the important stuff.  Just staying docked doesn’t make a Casino appealing, perhaps Aztar should be taking tips from other river boats.

My wife and I recently went to French Lick’s Resort and Casino and it was world’s better than going to Aztar.  It was clean, friendly, and even though we didn’t win a whole lot it was still more fun than winning at Aztar in Evansville.  I’m tired of seeing Aztar get in trouble with the city of Evansville and I’m ready to start seeing some changes made down town, besides just an over priced ‘entertainment district’.  I’ll save my opinions on the Dave and Buster knock off Jillians for antoher blog post.

Vectren Evansville Wastes Fuel

I know I’m not alone with my frustration of fuel costs, electricity costs, and natural gas costs.  However, I can almost understand it in todays economy, but Vectren a local monopoly, should be doing it’s part to help with conservation, especially when it effects the bottom line.  Too bad they don’t monitor the Vectren service guys fuel consumption or downtime.

My regular 9-5 job is positioned directly across from a Vectren substation and I have a big window to watch what goes on outside.  At minimum 3-4 times a week there is a Vectren service truck setting inside the fenced in area, just setting, not doing any work.  Today was no exception, because there has been a man in a Vectren service vehicle setting there idling for over 4 hours.  Did you hear me, idling, not turned, off, running in the A/C while the man inside reads a book.

It’s an outrage that Vectren allows this type of behavior to go on and it happens all the time.  Granted it doesn’t last 4 hours generally, but for more than an hour is the norm.  How much could they save as a company if they would force their service guys to either shut their trucks down while they are goofing off on company time or a better idea, just do some work.

I will be calling Vectren this evening to voice my complaints.  I apologize if this post is a little thrown together, I’m typing this while I’m so angry my eyes are bleeding.

Lloyd Expressway Construction

Tis the season, the time of year when road construction crews come out in droves to tear up our roads. I can almost deal with it, if it were done in an organized fashion, but this year so far has been ridiculous. One lane is closed on both the East and West bound sides making it a virtual standstill at places like the intersection of 41 and the intersection at Green River road.

What angers me the most is that none of the barrels are even. The crews have the lane blocked off at different intervals, where sometimes the barrels hang out into one of the two open lanes. Expect slower traffic and an increase in the possibility of an accident, without warning. How does this sound like a good idea? Also, who was the guy who decided to only notify of closing of the left lane, on the East bound side, right before Highway 41? That intersection is a death trap the way it is and it’s only worse in the summer construction heat.

What say ye?

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Evansville Public Transportation

I love public transportation, when I visit big cities it’s all that I use, however in Evansville, I do not. I’m lucky enough to afford a vehicle, pay for expensive gas, and feel comfortable enough to navigate the Lloyd Expressway at rush hour. But just because I don’t use it, does not mean it is not needed or better yet, need to be FIXED!

My pet peeve of Evansville Public Transportation is that there appears to be a bus stop on every single block, at least on main street. Is it too much to ask that people walk a block or two so that they can get on the bus? It’s actually a hazard, when you consider cross traffic pulling out in front of buses, people trying to pass buses picking up people, and then the idiots riding bikes that don’t obey any laws.

My plea to the city of Evansville:

  • cut down number of bus stops.(make people walk)
  • by cutting down stop you can increase frequency.
  • hire some polite drivers. (I’ve been subjected to buses in a hurry running stop signs.)

Perhaps this is a jeer because I deal with it every single evening M-F on my way home from work. I travel south on Main Street to the Lloyd Expressway and every few seconds I need to dodge a bus. Make the fat walk a few feet…please!

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