Schools Out for Nut Club Fun

I’ve been living in the great city of Evansville for about 8 years now and every year I enjoy going down to the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival. It’s a blast to socialize, stuff my face, and even get a peek at some of the freaks that come out at night, but this year I learned something new.

It appears that the EVSC closes down on the Friday of the Festival every year. Now, it’s called a built in snow day, fall break, excuse to get out, or something or another, but essentially it’s to allow people a chance to eat deep fried twinkies. Awesome!

See ya on Franklin Street, I’ll be the one with pig toes in hand choking down a creme puff.


Otters Manager Jeff Pohl On DL, For Good

The Evansville Otters had their worst season since the 1940’s and the blame lies on the shoulders of general manager Jeff Pohl. Pohl had been with the Evansville Otters since 2002, hired on as a pitching coach. This is where he needed to stay, where he successfully built a number of hot pitching teams. It’s kind of like Kevin Costner directing, he’s a great actor, he just needs to stay on the right side of the camera….or dugout.

 “Jeff served the organization well in his five years as pitching coach and later as director of baseball operations,” said Otters president Bill Bussing. “As pitching coach, he assembled some of the finest staffs in independent baseball. Unfortunately, he did not enjoy the same success as a manager.”

Evansville Otters are already on the lookout for a new manager as the fall ticks away. Now if I could just get my Cardinals to make something happen I’d be a happy person. Hmmm, perhaps 16 straight wins and no losses will put them back in the running, if the Cubs allow it. pfft.

Our Air Sucks

Today, local authorities have announced another ozone alert, which will continue into tomorrow. This afternoon will be particularly bad due to ozone levels and particulate pollution.

The Courier says it best,

These people should limit prolonged outdoor exertion, especially during the afternoon when ozone levels may be highest. People with respiratory conditions, the elderly and children are advised to stay inside.

So don’t let your grandparents mow your lawn with a push mower and keep the babies off the pavement. Lastly, do your part to save Evansville Indiana’s air, please don’t ‘top-off’ your vehicle’s fuel tanks.