2012 Hadi Shrine Circus Review

Review of the 79th Annual Hadi Shrine Circus in 2012 at the Ford Center in Evansville, IN.

It’s tradition that my family goes to the Hadi Shrine Circus every year on Thanksgiving Day. After gorging ourselves on turkey and mashed potatoes, we find our way to Roberts Stadium, rather The Ford Center for the past 2 years. Last year, being the first year in the new Center, the Circus showed it’s age and barely capable of holding me and my daughters attention. So what’s new with the 2012 79th Annual Hadi Shrine Circus?

The first thing I noticed this year was that the acts were completely out of order. Some of the larger and more grand performances were actually pushed toward the first half of the show. This helped immensely as there was less filler and the excitement level was held high.

[quote type=”center”]This was a far cry from the 65 year old man being shot out of a cannon last year[/quote]

Other changes include doing away with some of the acts that were not aging well. For example, the bears riding bicycles were not there, tight rope walkers were absent, and the lady riding horses around in circles for 20 mins apparently got lost on the way. Instead, the larger acts were given more time to perform and the horse segment was filled with talented performers doing stunts and synchronized vaulting.

The closing act for the 2012 Hadi Shrine Circus was the best I’ve seen in my 15 years of going to the Circus. The entire stadium was surprised to see stunt motocross riders perform daring leaps. Two ramps were setup and 3 riders would perform high flying super mans, kicks, and even a Heart Attack. It was the most high energy performance at the Circus I’ve ever seen. This was a far cry from the 65 year old man being shot out of a cannon last year, which didn’t even fire properly at the show I attended.

The kids loved it, I enjoyed myself, and dare I say, the 79th Hadi Shrine Circus was the best ever in Evansville. While the pricing has started inching out of line, due to the new arena no doubt, it’s still a good value for the family. It becomes more affordable if you can convince your kids they don’t need an over priced light stick, cotton candy, or balloon on a stick. Like all circus type events, these trinkets are highly over priced, less the coloring book. Which reminds me, they finally caught up with the times! No longer is the drawing for a boom box, but instead they gave away 2 iPods! The bar has been raised for upcoming Circus events and I hope the Shriners keep the momentum and excitement up.

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