Ryan Tibbs Calls 911 On Himself

The post title is a little misleading, he only called 911 on himself because he was afraid he would freeze to death.  You see, Ryan Tibbs stole a 2000 Ford Explorer from a local farmer, and in the process wrecked the vehicle.  At this point he set out on foot, scared of being arrested for his crime, got lost, and sought shelter in machine shop.

Around 11:30 at night, fearful he may freeze to death, Ryan Tibbs dialed 911 in hopes that the police would not question his situation.  He was found out, but saved from freezing, and taken to Fairfield Memorial Hospital for treatment of his injuries.  Oh yeah, he’s also in jail now.

After this experience I can only hope he gets his life turned around and back on track.  Or at least takes some driving lessons.

Ryan Tibbs

Author: Christopher

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