Video Games Live Coming To Evansville

The Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra will be teaming up with a cutting-edge technological and special fx group to bring Video Games Live to Evansville, IN.  The rock-concert like event will take place on November 11th at the Centre starting at 7:30.  That’s next Thursday, so start making plans now!

What is it?

Video Games Live can best be described as an orchestrated rock concert bent on amazing visuals and some crowd interactive elements.  As the name suggests, the music played will be from popular video games, and be synchronized to video and special effects.

Small sample of music that will be played:

Mario™, Zelda®, Halo®, Final Fantasy®, Warcraft®, Sonic™, Metal Gear Solid®, Kingdom Hearts, Chrono Trigger™, Chrono Cross™, Myst®, Tron, Castlevania®, Medal of Honor™, God of War™, BioShock™, Civilization IV, Tomb Raider®

How much money?

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased in three different flavors.  There is the basic budget seating for $28 and better seating priced up to $48.  In addition, there are a limited number of VIP tickets available for $75.

Click Here For Tickets

Video Games Live coming to Evansville
Video Games Live

Pictures from Video Games Live:

Video Games Live
Video Games Live
Video Games Live Photo
Video Games Live

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4 thoughts on “Video Games Live Coming To Evansville”

  1. This event has cancelled. Thanks too the sorry advertising and marketing team at SMG another show cancels. Thats 3 in one month. Hope the city gets another management organization in here soon!

  2. TnA wrestling cancelled and so did Ronnie Milsap due to poor ticket sales. SMG has done a poor job of advertising their events and as a result the promoters have been pulling the events. I can also tell you that the top promoters will not have anything to due with SMG Evansville because of their unprofessionalism and unorganization, not to mention the advertising monies they have lost due to SMG’s marketing people.

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