Less Crime At Fall Fest Than Previous Years

About time the EPD took the West Side Nut Club fall fest seriously. The amount of people that have started attending the huge food festival is absolutely staggering and with that usually comes crime. Thankfully this year, so far, the crime has been limited to a few scuffles and a couple of thefts.

I know in previous years, while attending the Fall Festival, I just didn’t feel real safe in the evenings. However, with the increase in police visibility, I’m more likely to hang around past dark.

Hopefully this will be another profitable year for all the non-profits. It’s important to recognize what the Nut Club has done for the city of Evansville, in regards to helping fund local worthy causes.

From EvansvilleBlog.com, thank you.

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There have been a few fights but police say the only crimes reported have been an auto theft and a theft from a vehicle.

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