Evansville Planetarium built in 1952! Did not know.

Today I learned that the Evansville Planetarium was established in 1952, in the Evansville Museum downtown. The most recent major update was a new projector in 1974.

Like other buildings and events in Evansville, Indiana, it is in need of updating. Maybe it’s time we starting devoting money to what we already have, instead of insisting on building new. Yes, I’m looking at you new stadium.

Reading this article from the Carmi Times certainly puts into perspective how important things like the museum are and just how unimportant a multi million dollar stadium is. Consider the fraction of the cost it would take to revitalize an already existing planetarium or museum, which has proven a used resource in down town Evansville.

Amplify’d from www.carmitimes.com
The museum’s planetarium was established in 1952 and upgraded occasionally, with a new star projector added in 1974.Read more at www.carmitimes.com

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