Supporting The Community Theme At Festival

The West Side Nut Club Fall Festival this year has a “Supporting The Community, Building Our Future” theme.  Seems to be an extremely appropriate theme, considering the majority of booths selling food at the festival are nonprofit.  Furthermore, the Nut Club donates time and money to area needs, building the community and supporting a beautiful future in Evansville.

This will be the 89th Nut Club Fall Festival, with this and every years proceeds going toward Evansville area schools, organizations, and countless community projects.  Everyone benefits from the week long party on Franklin street, especially the 126 non-profit booths.  Every aspect of Evansville is covered by food in some way, with everyone from college fraternities to community churches cooking up unique items.

For more information visit the official website.  Be sure to check out a listing of events like Amateur Hour, Family Day, and a food map.  And, if you’ve never been before, that food map is serious business, because you will be severely overwhelmed by your choices when walking around.   For best results I’d recommend going during the week at lunch time.  More parking and shorter lines. 😉

Author: Christopher

I live on the North side of Evansville with my wife and 6 year old daughter. I've been a resident of Evansville, IN since 1999, originally from Spencer County. I'm employed by a local Whole Sale Distributor and use my spare time to develop websites and market online projects.

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