Mobile Meth Makers

Mmm, poor taste I know, but damn these people never learn.  Justin Ping and Rodney Doan were arrested today for manufacturing, possession, and driving under the influence.  Under the influence of what, you may ask?  Justin was high on morphine, meth, and marajuana while driving his 2000 Dodge Ram.

So, not only was the driver under the influence of multiple drugs, but there was also a mobile meth lab in the back bed of the Ram.  Consider the dangers of a meth lab in a stationary position, like a home or even a hotel.  It was last year around this time that a meth lab exploded in a motel in Boonville.  What could have happened had there been a fender bender?

My feedback, throw these jerks in prison.  They need to be removed from society, for good.  Whenver I read about local arrests like this I automatically think what would have happened had my wife and daughter been in an accident with the vehicle.  Or how this type of criminal activity affects my families daily routine.

According to Evansville news sources, the arrest happened on CR 900 East, near Oakland City.

Author: Christopher

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