Panera Bread Review With Friends

I’m all about traditions. What makes a tradition work time and time again are a few key factors. It has to be fun, appealing to every participant and most importantly, consistent. Panera Bread is a tradition for me and my friends. Our love for meeting here for any meal runs deep. I know its just a restaurant but to us it is so much more.

All great restaurants have great food and Panera’s food is unique and delicious. They make all of their breads from scratch and fresh everyday. Almost every ingredient on the menu is organic, including the kids menu. The entrees are healthy yet filling. One of our favorites is the broccoli cheese soup which they serve in a delicious bread bowl. It’s divine. Besides soups and amazing sandwiches, they also offer a huge variety of bakery foods and desserts. No matter what time of day it is there always seems to be someone ordering the bakers dozen box of bagels.

Panera always seems to be busy, any time of day we have visited and yet we’ve never had trouble getting a table. The layout is large enough to accommodate the many loyal Panera food lovers and yet it still seems intimate. Our Panera Bread in Evansville has a small fireplace which you can sit around on three sides. There are also a few bistro table outside but I prefer the atmosphere inside with modern art and cozy table settings.

Panera Bread seems to attract students needing a fun environment to study, business professionals getting a bit of work done on their laptops, friends of every age group and families all wanting to enjoy amazing food thats just unique enough to differ from the abundant fast food chains. Panera Bread has given us a quick service meal experience that feels more like a treat. How can a quick meal cafe hold so much importance in our lives? Simply by creating an atmosphere that we can’t seem to find amongst the many other fast food joints in Evansville.

Author: Lynn

Mother, wife, friend and full time to all 3. I once was a Co-Manager at a store in Eastland Mall for 8 years, but for the past year, been a stay at home mommy.

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