Meth Explosion In Boonville Exaggerated

Is it just me or did local news exaggerate the meth lab fire at Motel Manor in Boonville?  All over the head lines was EXPLOSION, when really it was a small mishap that caused minmal fire damage.  Just seems like poor reporting, when a more accurate headline would have read ‘Meth Fire At Motel Manor’.

After seeing video of room 14 where the reported meth production was taken place I didn’t notice any damage, besides some light fire damage.  Not that this justifies what was going on, personally I’m glad the meth makers are accounted for.

In addition, I was not aware that meth makers made their product in hotel rooms.  Is this common place?  If it is, how much of a threat does this create for regular patrons of small motels/hotels?  From what I understand Meth production has the ability to cause a real explosion capable of killing, injuring, or at least creating sizable structural damage to buildings.

Author: Christopher

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