$10 Haircut

It’s that time again, to get my bi-monthly hair cut.  I’m a 1 guard on the side and finger length on top, which generally takes less than 10 minutes.  However, I always end up paying what everyone else pays for a 20 minute hair cut, too much.  Tonight I think I’m going to look for somewhere else to go, because I hate waiting and the deals are getting harder to find.

This may seem like a trivial post, but as a slightly balding late 20’s, my hair is important.  The downside, is that I’m cheap and hate wasting time.  Generally I’ll go to Master Cuts in Eastland Mall, where they have $10 men’s hair cuts on Tuesdays.  The problem is that there is normally a line a mile long, generally a 45 minute wait, and on top of that…it’s in Eastland Mall.

I’m open to suggestions, but most likely I’ll do a little hunting on the east side to see if there are any walk-in welcome signs.  I’d be happy to even pay a few dollars more if I could just walk in, get my hair cut, and be gone in under 20 mins.  Not to mention, I always tip, so where do you get your hair cut?

Author: Christopher

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