Liberty Meth Salvage

Liberty Auto Salvage
Liberty Auto Salvage

At one time I really supported the local Liberty Auto Salvage, by buying up bulk parts and selling them on eBay.  However, it doesn’t look like I will be going back anytime soon, if the doors remain open at all, since the owner and a few employees were busted for producing and dealing in Meth.  I’m always blown away by how many people get involved with a such a dangerous drug, not to mention it’s not just in the city, but rural, hell everywhere!

Also, consider all the local advertisements for lawyers who use Liberty Auto Salvage as a back drop.  I don’t think we’ll be seeing too much involvement with them anymore, who would want to be tied to such an activity?

According to TriStateHomePage, Liberty was open on Wednesday.  However, no one wanted to comment on the owners activities.  If I had to guess, they probably nodded and smiled the biggest smile 3 teeth can muster.

Author: Christopher

I live on the North side of Evansville with my wife and 6 year old daughter. I've been a resident of Evansville, IN since 1999, originally from Spencer County. I'm employed by a local Whole Sale Distributor and use my spare time to develop websites and market online projects.

2 thoughts on “Liberty Meth Salvage”

  1. Your ignorance of the situation involoving Liberty Auto Salvage is outdone only by your stupidity in trying to make your so called blog a comedy act. Get your facts straight before you just run off at the mouth about things you obviously know nothing about, except that its a hot topic right now. There were no employees involved with the owner in anyway. Meth is a very dangerous drug, and for idiots like you and many others who have commented on either this or the Courier and Press blog and made any kind of joke or snide remark reguarding this incedent or any other involving this drug shows what kind of moron you and they are. I hope this epidimic never touches you personally, but if it does hopefuly people will handle it in a more adult manner and offer support when it is needed and not sarcasm, and false accusations toward the innocent people who are usualy by no fault of their own thrown in the mix. Good luck to you sir, and have a happy Easter.
    Chris Wallace
    Liberty Auto Salvage employee

  2. Thanks for the comment Chris. But, my comments were based on local news reports, for I am not a reporter, only an opinion article writer based on other peoples findings. On the day of the posting, the local TV stations and papers listed owner/some employees as the culprits.

    Perhaps instead of lashing out in blog comments you should be educating us who are ignorant. I myself do not have the time to personally investigate things like drug arrests. As for the comment on my writing styles in my blog, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

    Lastly, I’ll be goddamned if I’m going to ‘support’ anyone involved with manufacturing such a dangerous drug(as you pointed out). Now, a person seeking help wanting to change their ways, yes I’m willing to support to the fullest of my abilities and HAVE been involved.

    Now, that being said, if you wish to disclose your side of the argument, in regards to Liberty Auto employees or owner, please contact me. I’m more than willing to talk it out and print your side of the story.

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