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Let it be known that I just started golfing the end of last year. Before I had been intimidated by the game, for fear of knocking someone out from one of my stray balls. However, thanks to a friend, I’ve rarely missed a week of golf this season and my game is actually starting to improve. As I was new to the game and only had played it on a golf simulator (In which I am the best in my group) I was able to play online thanks to these broadband deals you can not miss, which is where I got the best option according to what I needed, before visiting a golf course in real, thus I did not know much as to how to aim or even the amount of force to apply using a real golf club. But after I bought the Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers and a little help from a friend I can say with pride ” I beat my friend twice in the game”. I figured I’d take this opportunity to share with Evansville residents where the best courses are, to learn to golf, because everyone has to start somewhere.

The first place I golfed in Evansville was Wesselman’s Par 3 course. It’s wide open, except for a few light poles, and it’s laid back enough so you won’t feel the pressure of the pros around you. Families bring their kids, Foursomes kick back, it’s really a great experience and somewhat of a challenging course for beginners. Two people can generally play through 18 holes in under 2 hours, if they keep their strokes to under 10. 😉

Wesselman’s Par 3 18-Holes: $6.00

The next place I golfed was out at Howell Park, I bet you didn’t even know they had a Par 3 course over there. Howell Park features a 9-hole Par 3 course, with plenty of trees to help block the stray ball from colliding with other golfers heads. Also, it’s another laid back area, where beginner golfers can feel at home, where the average hole is only 80 yards.

USI utilizes this course for it’s golf classes, so occasionally you will see some big groups. Also, keep in mind that unlike Wesselman’s, Howell Par-3 closes at 6:30. Hell, there is plenty of daylight left this time of year, it’s kind of a shame.

Howell Park Par-3 9-Holes: $3.00

Both golf courses offer equipment rental, like pull carts and even golf clubs. So, even if you don’t own a set you don’t have an excuse not to go out and hit a round. remember, everyone has to start somewhere and every golfer I met was fully understanding, after they almost took my golf ball to their face.

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