Otters Starting Another Streak

Finally, after a horrendous losing streak it looks like the Evansville Otters are back on their way to playing like the team I saw in the first few weeks of the season.  Getting some stolen bases, home runs, and just playing all around like a better team.  So much better than the embarrassment I saw at the last Thirsty Thursday.

I love the Otters, the field, the game, everything, but the last Thirsty Thursday the team was playing like a bunch of little leaguers.  A return to form is refreshing and has me looking forward to the next game I get to catch.  Any professional team would be proud of coming back into a 5 game winning streak.  So if it’s either sweep or be swept, I’ll take the sweep anyday. 😉

Writing about the Evansville Otters gives me an opportunity to post a picture of my daughter meeting Evan.  Consider it a freebie, next cute picture I post though is gonna cost ya.

Evan Otter

Author: Christopher

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