Evansville Otters 2008 Schedule

You may have noticed by now that I am an Evansville Otters fan, even after the lack luster season last year. Today they announced their schedule for the 2008 season, with the opening game being on May 21st. I can practically taste the Thirsty Thursday events. mmmmm

Game times for the 2008 season will be similar to years past, with a few exceptions. The Otters will host two 12:05 PM games–on Tuesday, June 24, and Monday, July 28. There will also be three 1:05 PM games–on Friday, July 4, Sunday, August 24, and Monday, September 1. Standard game times Monday-Saturday will remain at 7:05 PM, and Sunday games will remain at 6:05 PM. One major change, however, will be the entry times into Bosse Field. Beginning in 2008, gate times will be one hour prior to game time, as opposed to an hour and a half as it has been in years past.

In addition to announcing their 2008 schedule, they are also offering discounts on all their Evansville Otter merchandise. According to their website most of their products have been marked down 50%, making them perfect for a Christmas gift. Head over to the Evansville Otters Merchandise store.

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